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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't login to my account
There are three possible reasons why you cannot login to your account. Incorrect credentials, your account hasn't been made, your account has been disabled. Make sure your login information is correct, including uppercase and lowercase spelling. If you still cannot login, ask one of your company's moderators/administrators to reset your password, or create an account for you.

Why can't I edit my timesheet anymore
Timesheets become locked 14 days after their week-ending date. Only Administrators can modify timesheets more than 14 days old.

Why don't some buttons like "View Projects" work?
Certain parts of the timesheet system use javascript to open information in a small window. Unfortunately this process has become internationally notorious for serving ads. Some pop-up blockers may cause these buttons to do nothing. Disable any anti pop-up software while using our service. There are no advertisements of any sort within the timesheet system, and the only cookie is a very small one that holds your Company name in the login box.

The project I need to add an entry for isn't listed
Administrators and Moderators control which projects may be added to timesheets. If one of these users has set the projects' status to Closed then it is no longer listed for new timesheet entries. A Moderator or Administrator will have to add your entry for you or re-open this project for you.

I've forgotten my password and it isn't being emailed to me
The Eye On Time password retrieval service mails your password to the email address specified in your user account. If you've changed email addresses or not provided one, you will need a Moderator or Administrator to reset your password.

Why can't I add any more employee accounts
When your company finished their Eye On Time trial, they chose to continue our service and specified the pricing plan which suited their companies size. While we expects and has provided for business growth, there is a leeway of only 5 employee accounts beyond what was specified when subscribing. Contact our technical support and we'll reconfigure your account to allow more employees.

How can I keep my own copies of my timesheets
If you're familiar with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word, you can easily export your timesheet each week and save it on your hard drive, disk, cd or usb drive. If you're not familiar with these programs, you can print your timesheet and keep a paper copy.

Eye On Time's not showing up properly on my preferred browser
To use our service you need either Internet Explorer 5+, Mozilla 1.4.x+ or Netscape 7 or Firefox 0.9+. We haven't developed for or tested with older browsers/other browsers, and we're not going to. These browsers cover 99% of internet users.

Can my company run Eye On Time off their own server
No. At this point, our servie is available for use only through the website.