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Setting up Eye On Time We've tried to make the setting up process as simple as possible. Depending on the size of your company, it could take a while.

Each employee requires their own individual account, so you'll need a list of your employees. They can edit their accounts personally and provide their own information, but initially you'll need to make at least a sign in name for each person using the system.

Branches and Divisions can also be entered in Eye On Timeā„¢. If your company isn't structured in this way, you still need to provide one branch and division name.

Project entry is the longest process in setting up your account. We recomend you delegate as much of this as possible! Employees designated as Moderators can add projects, so they're prime targets for this chore!

Each project requires a unique code and project name. Other project information stored includes the clients name, the type of project (hours or time and materials), an opening date and a status of Open or Closed (this decides whether employees can add the project to their online timesheets).

Because Projects can be task-based, we've created Global Tasks. Global Tasks are common to all projects, so if you've got a standard procedure for most projects, Global Tasks are going to make timesheet entry and project management a breeze.

Although the initial effort might be significant, it's well worth it. All of this information only needs to be entered once. New projects, employees etc. can be added as they become a part of your business.

Step 1 : Adding Branches and Divisions
From within Manage, Branches and Divisions will take you to pages displaying the current branches/divisions for your company, and a blank form for each at the top of the screen.

Step 2 : Adding Employees
Moderators and Administrators have a button on the left side of the screen labeled "Manage". Within Manage are options for Employees, Expenses, Divisions, Branches and Projects. Clicking Employees takes the user to a page displaying all the employee accounts for your business. At the top of this page is a form which will create a new account.

Step 3 : Adding Projects
When you've created your employee accounts and branches and divisions, it's time to enter the projects. Click on Projects within the Manage section. At the top of the page is a blank form for new projects.