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Eye On Time has a range of features that make it ideal for timesheet and project management in small and medium businesses.

What you need to access Eye On Time.

Simple Interface
Take a glance at Eye On Times simple interface, designed to streamline timesheet entry and project management.

Tiered Access Levels
Delegate responsibilities and roles using our three levels of user access.

Timesheet Reports
Eye On Time can give you timesheet reports based on specific employees, divisions or branches over any time period! Pre-built reports for current and previous week and months are available automatically for every employee.

Project Reports
Find out which projects exceeded their quoted time, how much time each step of a project took and more! These reports will refine the quotes you give your clients, and can identify bottlenecks in your project process.

Exporting Information
Why lose the benefit of having your data on your laptop or desktop? With Eye On Time, every timesheet and report can be sent to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or a print-friendly format with a single click!

Archived Information
Have all of your information available at any time, regardless of how old it is.