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Overview Home Eye On Time is a robust online timesheet and project management system. So what does this mean for your business? Complete control over the hours you're paying and billing for. With Eye On Time timesheet management is efficient, affordable and east.

A timesheet system that offers a rich set of product features & tools, Eye On Time incorporates an intuitive & easy to use interface which makes timesheet entry simple. Imagine a system that lets your employee's enter their timesheets from anywhere at anytime. And then imagine being able to track the performance of each project and employee in real-time, in seconds.

Eye On Time is all about making your business easier to manage. If you can access your work records, you know who's earning their pay and who's coasting. There's no lost, missing or ambiguous timesheets and your clients are billed for ALL the hours your paying your employees for.

Best of all, Eye On Time is affordable. The yearly fees vary depending on the size of the company, but when you factor in the huge reduction in hours required to manage your timesheets and billing, it's worth it! A company with 5 employees could have full use of Eye On Time's services for as little as $120 a year. None of your employees will work as hard, efficiently or accurately as Eye On Time for this amount. Certainly, nobody will manage all your timesheet records at that price.

Eye On Time takes the pain out of managing your timesheets. It's easy to use and very powerful. Your employees will quickly become familiar with using Eye On Time, and the reporting features will allow you to monitor their progress quickly and constantly. Employees out on the road, interstate, even overseas can sign in and enter their work. All they need is an internet connection and a browser!

Eye On Time supports two project types: Hours and Time & Materials. Because your project information is closely tied-in with your timesheets, there will never be any confusion over the hours logged, the hours quoted and the hours billed.

Eye On Time utilises a coding system to define expenses. Administrators and Moderators can add new expense items if the current ones do not cover a specific expense. Employees simply enter a code and an amount on timesheet entries!

Employee management is a handy side-feature of Eye On Time. For your convenience, Administrator and Moderator accounts have direct access to contact information of all employees.

Being able to view all the work you've ever done for a client is a great way to identify clients you need to improve your relationship with, and clients you need to keep in touch with!